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    I have to be honest I couldn't understand why Amazon would want to buy webOS.... Until I just read this article:

    Kindle Fire: why no welcome from Google? | Technology |

    If you don't feel like reading through the whole article you should at least read this part:

    We know the Fire is built on top of Android software, but Amazon makes no mention of it. As Michael Mace notes in his MobileOpportunity blogpost, neither does Google:

    "Google's reaction to Kindle Fire speaks volumes about its goals for Android. Kindle Fire is based on Android, and will run Android applications. Android has been struggling in the tablet space, so you'd expect that Google would be delighted to have Amazon on the Android bandwagon. But you'd be wrong. Let's look at the press release Google issued today to welcome Amazon to the Android family. Wait a minute, there is no press release. Okay, so let's look on the Google blog. Nothing at all. Maybe a tweet from Andy Rubin? Dead silence. [] You're not the licensee Droid is looking for."

    Quoting from the Wikipedia Android article:
    "Even though the software is open source, device manufacturers cannot use Google's Android trademark unless Google certifies that the device complies with their compatibility definition document (CDD). Devices must also meet this definition to be eligible to license Google's closed-source applications, including the Android Market."

    This explains why Amazon started its own Android Appstore a few months back. Still quoting Michael Mace:
    "The problem is that Amazon is using Android as just an OS, not using the Google-branded services and application store that Google layers on top of the OS (link). Although Google touted the openness of Android when it was first launched, the reality is that Google is using it as a Trojan horse to force its services onto hardware. What Amazon did with Android is very threatening to Google, and so you're not likely to hear a lot of supportive words from them."

    Amazon uses the Android source code, but, unlike handset makers, it doesn't get used by Google. (You might also want to read the aptly titled How Amazon picked Android's lock.)
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    Both RIM and Amazon are making use of Android that are cutting Google out of the loop on any revenue.

    RIM made the Playbook's Android Player passed the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) compatibility testing --- and RIM can use the Android trademark (whether Google likes it or not). Passing AOSP compatibility testing is not that hard --- a lot of stuff are optional (like Android's NDK and live wallpaper). Last week's news about the Playbook's Android Player cannot do Android NDK and live wallpaper is exactly that --- they are optional components.

    RIM signed a deal with Microsoft on Bing search --- cutting off Google's search revenue.

    RIM didn't sign a deal with Google for Google Maps --- thus last week's news about Playbook's Android Player can't do Google Maps.

    RIM also didn't sign a deal with Google for Android Market --- thus Android app developers have to submit their Android apps to RIM's app store.

    Amazon deliberately chose not to pass AOSP compatibility testing. They have one of the best brand name in the world --- they don't need the Android trademark.

    Amazon is using EC2 cloud/Silk browser to cut Google off. Amazon will control where and how a search is going to be conducted.

    Amazon didn't sign a deal with Google for Google Maps.

    Amazon didn't sign a deal with Google for Android Market --- Amazon already has their own app store with 10,000 Android apps.

    The whole point for the Silk browser is to make all the heavy lifting done in the Amazon EC2 cloud. webOS would be reduced to a dumb terminal. You might as well make the Pre 4 as a x terminal.
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    I don't believe that Amazon is interested in buying webos.

    Whether Google is happy with Amazons use of Android is mostly irrrelevant. They don't have to be happy with it. Amazon have what they need. They even have their own Android app store. Why would they want to restart with webos?
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    well stranger things have happened. Remember when AOL bought time warner? Heh

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