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    Ahhhh!! No!!!!

    I dropped my Treo. On pavement.

    It still works but the screen now has a permanent blue stripe down the left side, about a centimeter wide.

    Any advice on how to get it repaired / replaced?

    I do pay for Sprint's Equipment Replacement Program. So I can probably file a claim through that to get it replaced. Has anyone done this before?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Have not been through this yet but please let us know how Sprint handles it for you. I suppose I will be there at some future point...
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    I'm about to call them now. I'll keep everyone posted on my success.

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    Josh, sorry about your Treo. If the call doesn't work, I would take a ride out to the A2 Sprint store and plead your case in person. I'm no longer with Sprint since I couldn't wait for the 300 and got the 270, but Tim the manager out there helped me once when my Samsung phone wasn't working. He arranged for Sprint to ship me a new phone overnight for nada. You may suggest you're cosidering moving to the $99 Treo 180 and a Get More plan from Ms. Zeta-Jones. Sprint makes a lot of money from you each month and sure don't want to lose you. Best of luck.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    Ok so the update on my broken phone:

    Called Lockline at: 1-800-584-3666.

    Filed a claim very quickly and easilly. Gave them my credit card number to bill the deductable.

    The deductable was $35, instead of $30 as posted on the website. Later I thought I could have argued this since it is advertised as a $30 deductable on Sprint's homepage, but I figure is it really worth the grief for $5.

    They placed the order for my replacement Treo. I did have to agree to the terms that if the same model (the Treo) is not in stock they would send a phone of equal value (and function?). I don't remember exactly what I agreed to... that's bad I suppose.

    It would suck if they didn't send me a Treo, but I can't imagine what they would send that would be equal in value (and/or function) to the Treo that isn't a Treo. I figure they make you agree to this more in the case of a phone that is no longer made or something like that. I don't think I have to worry to much.

    But I'll feel much better when my new one arrives in the mail.

    I'm told I'll also receive a prepaid FedEx box to send back my old phone.

    Lets hope it gets here soon.

    More to follow later.

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    Originally posted by joshuajestelle
    Ahhhh!! No!!!!

    I dropped my Treo. On pavement.

    It still works but the screen now has a permanent blue stripe down the left side, about a centimeter wide.

    Josh, the same thing happened on my 270. I know this is different, as you probably got your phone through Sprint, and replacements probably have to be handled through them. (My post is really for those people who have this happen to a phone purchased through HS.) The 270 was (and probably still is) notorious for having bad screens. This being the case, I thought I'd see what would happen if I called in my "bad" screen for replacement. I was hoping to get a free replacement, since HS was offering it for anybody who's screen was dead. I didn't expect it though, as like yours, mine had a big blue area in the lower half of the screen. It wasn't "dead" in the way HS was saying on their website for a free replacement. I thought they'd make me pay big $ to repair it, but the support people said that even though it had been dropped, as long as the thin glass cover of the screen was not cracked, they would replace it free.

    Hopefully this will help any of you out there who have dropped their Treo purchased through HS. Keep in mind, the glass face of the screen cannot be cracked for them to honor the replacement. The screen either has to be dead, or partially obscured, for them to replace it free of charge. This policy with HandSpring still seems to be in effect, but I don't know for how long. Needless to say, I've been very careful with my 270 since I got the free replacement unit!!!
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    Hmm... perhaps I should have tried to get Handspring to replace it for free before I went through Sprint's Equipement Replacement plan.

    All in all though I've been very satisfied.

    I called my claim in to Lockline on Monday. I received my replacement Treo today (Wednesday). They shipped it overnight air and included packaging pre-paid to ship my broken Treo back to them. It's a little unclear how I send this package back... it is just a UPS envelope without any addressing or anthing on it... a little unclear, so I'll have to figure that out.

    But the new Treo has arrived. It appears to be brand new, doesn't look refurbished, and I just talked to Sprint to get it activated. The woman I talked to obviously didn't know much about the Treo but she did what she needed to do and had me punch in the right things on the phone. It took a couple trys but we got it.

    She told me to let the Treo sit on for 6 hrs before I used it, which is fine because I'm about to go to sleep.

    So thus far I'm very satisfied with the Sprint Replacement Program and suggest it to anyone with the Treo 300. The peace of mind is very nice and the service has been great.

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    Anybody know of any other insurance programs for replacing a broken Treo which was not purchased from a carrier or (in my case) won in a contest? I have mine scheduled on my homeowner's policy, but I doubt that it would cover me IF I dropped it.
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    If its a treo 300 just call sprint and tell the to add the equipment replacement pgm. I added mine 2 months after I had the phone. You can also try Handsprings website for their programs.
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    I just talked to my insurance company where I have a personal articles policy that includes my Treo as a scheduled item on my homeowners policy. The coverage includes breakage.
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    FYI- Depending on how important your TREO is to you. i would also question the amount of time it would take for your insurance company to replace the unit or issue you a check to purchase another unit.

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