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What's Going On with HP?
For tens of thousands of Microsoft partners, HP is their other strategic vendor. A look at what is driving HP's seemingly scattershot moves.

By Jeffrey Schwartz October 03, 2011

What's Going On with HP? -- Redmond Channel Partner

Editor's Note: Our October issue went to the printer before HP fired CEO Leo Apotheker and hired former eBay CEO Meg Whitman to replace him. While the news only made the question, "What's Going On with HP?" more relevant, it did require a significant update of the story. The version of the story here differs from the print version in its references throughout to the Apotheker-Whitman transition.

As Hewlett-Packard Co. moves to re-invent itself, the resulting entity promises to have a significant but still uncertain impact on its relationship with Microsoft and its channel ecosystem. HP is perhaps Microsoft's largest partner and its August announcement that it is considering the spinoff or sale of its $40 billion PC business has left the channel reeling and rivals licking their chops.