So, I get it. HP, you want to ditch hardware and go after the higher-profit enterprise software market. Good for you. Worked great for IBM, right? But, please explain this:

I got an email from you advertising a $10 coupon for HP printer ink. I followed the link, added the items to my cart, and got most of the way through the purchase process. MOST of the way. At the very end, I was prompted for my credit card info, including the expiration date. Unfortunately, the pull-down menu for the expiration year gave me a list of states. Duh.

I tried to type in the date, but no dice, so I tried to back out of the transaction and switch to paying by Paypal. Nope. No way to back up or change my payment method. Had to close the entire purchase and start over.

You think you're going to rock the enterprise world and you can't even complete an online sale on one of your largest (and highest profit) hardware items??