just a thought. Webos on a printer could be cool if they replaced the android tablet on the Photosmart eStation - C510a with the touchpad go! I think that will give customers the best experience and give devlopers a good platfrom the write apps.

The touchpad go could just be it's own device that so happens to dock into a printer. Unlike the android tablet that comes with it. That tablet while it browse the web and be rooted, for the most part is just a extension of the printer. But webos is made to be self contained. So the printer would not be nessary to use the tablet.

Also this gives hp the chance to sell it at a loss or at cost, because they will make there money back on ink! And mare chances to sell there snapfish sevices ans even computers. In my experience a lot of people will buy a hp printer just because they also have a hp computer.

Even tho I love webos I think if they decide to put it on a printer any other way then this I could be a complete waste of time. I doubt webos devs could bring much more the printer then the apps that come on most of hp printers already. Moive listing, maps, newpapers, coloringbooks just to name a few.

But this way not only could the touchpad go run all webos apps currently it would give devs a reason to make more apps, and give hp a chance to sell webos at a loss and make up for it in the long run.

Please excuse any gammer errors. Spur of the moment fourm post