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    Thought I'd just pass on a memory saving tip. If you have Action Names, or some other app built on top of DateBook+, you can remove DateBook+ from your Treo using the JackSprat/JackFlash/JackBackup suite. Conventional wisdom would tell you that Action Names is built on top of DateBook+ and that you can't do it. But I've done it doing the following. Try at your own risk...

    1. Use JackSprat to move DateBook+ into RAM and do a hotsync to throw into the Backup directory. Manually copy the backed up DateBook+ files from Backup to the Archive directory in case you ever want it back.
    2. Use JackBackup to backup DatebookDB PDB file into Flash since Action Names needs the database file. This file does not get backed up into your Backup directory during hotsync. I'm guessing the rationale is that this info already gets backed up into either Outlook or the Palm Desktop.
    3. Delete DateBook+ and DateBook_enUS from JackFlash. (this also deletes the DatebookDB file)
    4. Restore the DatebookDB from JackBackup.
    5. Action Names will now work.

    The wierd thing is that you can't see DateBookDB in the RAM anymore when you are finished. But you know it's there because Action Names won't work if you don't do the restore.

    Really wish the Treo had an SD slot so that I don't have to do crazy stuff like this to free up memory.

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    Just to follow up, I now notice I get an error when I do a hotsync,

    -- Backing up db HSTraceDatabase3 to file d:\Palm\VR\Backup\HSTraceDatabase3.PDB
    System synchronization failed
    Protocol Error: Handheld file could not be opened. (4004)
    HotSync operation complete 12/06/2002 12:56:49 PM

    Not quite sure what this file is or what is going on - I've removed quite a bit of stuff today- but Action Names and the sync to Outlook are fine. Will post back if I learn anything...

    Like I said... at your OWN risk.

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