Anyone else noticed precipitous battery drain when the wireless mode is turned off for awhile?

I've browsed lots of the battery-related posts. My issue seems a bit different from most. I noticed that my 270 seemed to be draining very fast. A few times it was full when I went to sleep, and on its last legs when I awoke. (I thought at one point that reminders were coming on and using backlight and "vibrate" if the sound was off, but I reduced the auto-shutoff period and kept it on non-muted/no vibrate status--same result.) I also shut off wireless mode while on a flight with a nearly full battery, used the Treo not at all during the flight (4+ hours), and the battery was practically dead when I pulled the Treo out to use it upon arrival.

I tried leaving the phone with wireless mode off all night and wrieless mode on all night, and I've concluded that the former drained the battery like a thirsty man might drain a beer, but the latter barely touched the battery capacity. Ideas or solutions?