Ok so the title is a little misleading. I still use webos as my main device, and hopefully will continue to do so if I can get a Pre 3. But for my business I am using android. I hate it! but it had to be done. I really needed a easy to take credit card payments anywhere I go. And while there is a app for touchpad called DigiPay it's kinda jank.

So I am using a lg optimus v inactivated with the square card reader. The reader was free and now I can take payments easy. I really wanted to do this with my touchpad, but I can't with first going tho a bunch of steps and manually punching in information. So that ideal is a nonstarter.

So while I hope one day I can move my business to Webos, I'm stuck on android.

P.S. On screen keyboards suck. Thats is all.