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    While looking for a number in my Call History I noticed a very strange entry. The log says I made a "Cell Modem" call at 12:22 AM on December 5 (this morning). The duration of the call was 128 minutes and 23 seconds. The number called was "991". I checked Cell Tracker and it indeed shows 128 minutes of Data Call. I cannot image how this alledged call was made considering the following:

    1. Dialing 991 will get you a can't connect message and the call is disconnected after the error message is repeated once.

    2. I have not made any Cell Modem calls since upgrading and activating GPRS last week.

    3. Treo Tools is set to turn my 270 off at 11:59 PM each evening and turn it back on at 6:00 AM.

    4. I was quite asleep last night well before midnight.

    I have called T-Mobile to see if this call somehow shows up on my account, however their system hasn't been updated today according to the CS person. When I asked how often the system updates she said every half hour but apparently not today as there are no calls listed for 12/5. She said that happens a lot and to call back in a day or two and maybe the system will be updated????????

    Any thoughts on how this Phantom call happened, if it happened and how to keep it from re-occuring?

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    991 is the number to initiate a GPRS data connection. The "call" duration is the length of the connection.
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    Sort of related.

    I received a rogue SMS. The message was from my 11 year old son and was very disturbing... Spoke to his Mum and at the time, he was out and his phone was on his bed
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    where can i get 'treo tools'? i'd like to turn my phone off sometimes and have it power back on at a different set time.


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