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Will Meg Whitman Be More Like Steve Jobs Or Carol Bartz?

Will Meg Whitman Be More Like Steve Jobs Or Carol Bartz? | VCCircle

The media enjoyed a field day last week amidst the ouster of Leo Apotheker as Hewlett Packardís CEO and appointments of former Oracle executive Ray Lane as executive chairman and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman as CEO. There have been plenty of jabs at the board, which apparently hired Apotheker without everyone even meeting him (New York Times), and plenty of complaining about HPís deteriorating performance and stock price. But the big question is, will Meg Whitman be able to turn around HP?

Whitman is the seventh HP CEO in a mere 12 years. Of those CEOs, the only one pointed to with any attraction was Mark Hurd. He did not take any strategic action but merely slashed costs, which immediately improved the profit line and drove up the short-term stock price. Actions taken at the expense of R&D, new product development and creating new markets, leaving HP short on a future strategy when he was summarily let go by the board that hired Apotheker.