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    Oracle CEO 'Speechless' About HP's New Hire

    Article from October 2010 about Leo's hiring as CEO from Larry Ellison, current CEO of Oracle.

    Man, was he ever spot on.
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    I personally think Leo was on to something. HP's board is sooo dsyfunctional that a many good people and in our case OS's will suffer. Splitting the company may work since 'the board ' can't come together and do what's right for the company. Instead of cuttin each others throats or not just caring who runs HP they shoud split so different aspects can thrive. Meg (new CEO) should run if she has to deal with this board. HP needs a very strong leader right now...and I don't think Meg is it (hope I'm wrong).
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    Unfortunately in a split webOS is likely to follow the dysfunctional fragment instead of the functional one...

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