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    Don't know how many Treo users know this little fact, but you can navigate quickly within the Datebook using the keyboard. I just discovered this little gem yesterday. Beforehand I had to use the stylus or my fingernail to choose a day in the month

    To go to a date in the month, say December 17th:

    In the Datebook single day view,

    you do :menu: O to open the date picker, and then
    you enter the date number using the keyboard, "1" (which is the "Y" key), then "7" which is the "B" key) and then the space bar or the return key.

    Another cool keyboard technique:
    if in the single day view, if you start typing a letter (as opposed to numbers) an untimed event will be created on the day you are looking at; if you start typing a number a timed event will be created at the time you entered (up pops a time picker.)
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    That's really kewl!

    I noticed that if you start typing a number and the time picker pops up, you can continue typing numbers to create the "start time" as long as the numbers correspond to the 5-minute increments showing (i.e. you can key in "4:45" but not"4:37")

    The scroll button jumps to the "end time" field. Same as above.

    Option+return, of course, is the same as tapping OK.

    Conclusion? You can create a calendar appointment without ever taking the stylus out of its holster!

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