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    Anyone know how to turn off the flashing green signal light? It's driving me crazy, especially at night. I like to keep my phone by my bed, but the green flash is too bright for me. I could turn off the service light on my old Star Tac, but can't figure out how to do it on this phone. Can it be done?

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    Electrical Tape?
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    Tacky, tacky....
    Up the Creek.... Try the River!

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    Press and hold the power will then hear a few descending tones. The light will stop flashing now.
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    Yeah the light will stop flashing if you do that, but you will also turn off the phone portion... I would assume that the original poster wanted the phone to continue to work !
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    Noooo Waaaay!! Thanks Captain Obvious
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    so turning off the service light while keeping cell service isn'tt possible?
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    Nope, don't believe so. Unless someone wrote some sort of a hack.
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    Just place the phone in a manner where the light isn't facing you. I keep my treo near my bed at night too and this is what I do. You still see a little bit of reflected light, but it's not straight in your face.
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    I actually sleep with my Treo (and my Blackberry) right by my side. It was nice last night because I had a call and could do all sorts of stuff without leaving the confines of my bed. I do exactly as the last poster said: turn the light away.
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    My fix for the blinking light is to plug my Treo into the charger--then the light is a much less annoying solid green and I play with it anytime I want.

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