I'm hoping someone might be able to help out. Over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed a loud "noise" while utilizing the headset of my Treo 270. Essentially, the headset is appearing to pick up the noises of the internal processor/radio of the unit itself while I am on a call. The person on the other end can hear the noises as well. It's almost as though the unit is "running" internally and the headset amplifies this as an "interference" and amplifies the sound. If I hold my ear up to the unit, I can hear the same pattern of noise inside the unit. It's kind of a "metallic" type sound.

Today I installed GPRS 1.1.1 and did the various hard resets, etc. It appeared as though the upgrade had tweaked out the problem and the noise disappeared. I made a number of calls, and the noise would appear for about 2 seconds while placing the call (albeit not very loud), but then would drop off soon after the call connected. Kind of like the processor stopped "running" after the call was made, and the noise went away.

Well, I have added a couple of additional programs, and the noise is back. Specifically, I re-installed the pqa libraries and the directory assistance program. Now the noise seems to continue to run while on the headset (not really a problem when not using the headset).

As a note: I tried a compatible store purchased headset, and the problem still occurred (I called handspring about 10 days ago and still haven't receive the replacement headset. They suggested installing the upgrade and then retrying it prior to ordering an all out replacement treo).

So, I'm basically wondering if anyone has experienced a similar problem. I'm especially curious if the directory assistance app or the pqa libraries might be causing problems.

Anyone have any thoughs?