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Hiring Leo without ever meeting him, is the dumbest thing I've ever hear.....Let's just hope they got it right this time....I think this is the 7th CEO since 1999! Between Spy-Gate, Compaq-gate, zipper-gate and now Leo-gate...it's Amazing any products...

Frankly the board has to go as well...they get paid for thees jobs and no one could take the time to sit down with Leo...what a bunch of Horses A**es!

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September 21, 2011
Voting to Hire a Chief Without Meeting Him


The mystery isn’t why Hewlett-Packard is likely to part ways with its chief executive, Léo Apotheker, after just a year in the job. It’s why he was hired in the first place.

The answer, say many involved in the process, lies squarely with the troubled Hewlett-Packard board. “It has got to be the worst board in the history of business,” Tom Perkins, a former H.P. director and a Silicon Valley legend, told me.

Interviews with several current and former directors and people close to them involved in the search that resulted in the hiring of Mr. Apotheker reveal a board that, while composed of many accomplished individuals, as a group was rife with animosities, suspicion, distrust, personal ambitions and jockeying for power that rendered it nearly dysfunctional.