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    Let the drumbeat begin: #webOS SOS

    'Deal Journal colleague Ian Sherr writes:

    “Any new CEO at Hewlett-Packard will have a lot of challenges ahead, says Charles House, a former H-P engineer who also wrote a history of the company.

    Primarily, he says business customers are uncomfortable with H-P’s radical changes, such as when it launched and then canceled the TouchPad tablet inside of two months, and its plans to potentially spin off its PC business.

    House says those things need to be rolled back, at least to inspire customer conference. ‘They need to say whoops, yeah, we got rid of that bum,’ he says, in reference now-ousted CEO Leo Apotheker.”'

    Good Luck, Meg Whitman - Deal Journal - WSJ

    Pogue David Pogue
    Looks like HP is gonna fire its CEO--the guy who killed the TouchPad, Palm Pre, WebOS in one foolish swoop.

    edit: conf call at 5 pm EST, against my better judgement will listen in
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    Well, let's gonna see the next move...

    Light up your candles...

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    No change, per the investor call.

    She is following PRECISELY in LA's policies.

    Whitman just confirmed that they will look to explore the best strategic alternatives for WebOS.

    She deliverately sidestepped the WebOS hardware question.

    She is in favor of the Autonomy acquisition.

    Wall street will have to scream loud and clear about WebOS hardware, because, HP{;s ears are, apparently deaf, and their leaders are, old and new, well, ...


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