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    My Cell plan tracker has stopped tracking data calls since I upgraded to GPRS. I use CSD (dial-up) using my ISP to check email and breaking news. My call history doesn't show the data calls being made.
    Can someone help? Thanks!
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    you did remember to restart the log data calls hack after the upgrade? It does not work when the hack is not active. BTW it never worked for me until I began using GPRS.
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    Thanks for the post Zamiv. Yes, I did activate the X-Master hack to track data calls after the GPRS update. Surprisingly, Cell Plan Tracker is unable to track data calls since then. Another interesting thing is that the data calls don't show up in the call history at all.
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    Cell modem calls are being recorded in my call history. Both CSD and GPRS, even unsuccessful GPRS connection tries. The most recent successful GPRS says cell modem 81 minutes! Not being charged that way any more though, of course. I am running version v0.5 on KBTracker, 1.1.1 GPRS upgrade.

    KBTracker does not record kb for CSD, though, only for GPRS. TrafficStat, on the other hand, picks up both, and gives you separate totals (if you care).

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