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    "HP Should Bring Back Hurd, At Least He Knew What He Was Doing."

    "With Hewlett-Packard now considering whether to fire CEO Leo Apotheker less than a year into the job and perhaps replace him with Meg Whitman, let’s take a look at what happened after it fired its last CEO, Mark Hurd. To refresh your memory, Hurd was ousted in the wake of a sexual harassment lawsuit. Within a month, Larry Ellison hired him to become Co-President of Oracle with Safra Catz. As the chart above illustrates, that was right about the time Oracle’s and HP’s stock performance diverged, with HP’s stock down about 50 percent."


    HP Should Bring Back Hurd
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    Quote Originally Posted by BobKy View Post
    "HP Should Bring Back Hurd, At Least He Knew What He Was Doing."

    And who
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    Hi all,

    Me 3, I agree...not likely unless what has been rumored on and off since Mark Hurd got the boot...that oracle makes a play for HP...I doubt either will happen.

    If I was Mrs. mark Hurd I would get welding lessons and then weld his zippers shut...but then again it's non of my business, (but when did that ever stop me from having an opinion?), LOL

    Take care,

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