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    They had a lot to discuss.
    No leaks yet but if history repeats itself, we should see some soon.

    HP Board Meets After Palm Turmoil -- So What's the Next Shoe to Drop? - Kara Swisher - Enterprise - AllThingsD
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    "Since Hurd joined Oracle, the stock is up approximately 25% and has been up as much as 50%. Since Leo Apotheker took over HP from Hurd, HP's stock has lost approximately 50% of its value, has yo-yo'd on its mobile strategy, decided to jettison the PC business and overpay for a software acquisition..."

    Mark Hurd's Revenge: Will Oracle Buy HP? - Seeking Alpha
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    Yep. Just as this article reads, two companies going in two different directions: Oracle going upward and HP going down-down. The irony in this is that Oracle's recent success is attributed to former HP CEO Mark Hurd.
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    I would love to be the fly on the wall
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    No reason to merge... two different discussions.

    You can continue on the newest discussion about today's news here:

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