For the past few weeks my Treo 270 has been doing some weird (and as far as I can find) undocumented stuff.

First time: I heard it go beep and and when I took a look the light on top was solid red-orange (like both red and green were on), the screen was black and there was a yellow line going down the screen. Nothing responded (rocker, buttons, power etc) and I had to poke the reset hole.

After that there was a line showing down the screen that took a few days to go away.

Next time it just dies and does everything the same save the yellow line.

Third time, just like the last one.

I keep the treo in a cargo pocket in my pants and occasionally if i have to crouch or kneel it gets a little pressure on it from the pocket contracting.

I also have ringo installed (which causes problems of its own)..

Is anyone familliar with this problem?

Thanks in advance,