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    Best Buy, RIM, Talbot, HP,etc.

    4. Hewlett-Packard (NASDAQ: HPQ - News) announced earnings on August 18, and its shares promptly dropped to a 5-year low. HP also revised earnings forecasts down. Management said it may spin off the firm's PC division, the largest in the world. So far, there are no takers. HP also discontinued its Palm operating system, which it bought only a year ago, and its tablet PC product. Investors believe, almost universally, that CEO Léo Apotheker does not have the strengths of his predecessor Mark V. Hurd, who was pushed out for ethical lapses. Wall St. seems certain that HP will lay off more people in addition to the sharp cuts it made in 2009 and 2010. It is generally accepted by analysts who cover the company that it has begun to lose the battles against Dell (NASDAQ: DELL - News), Oracle (NYSE: ORCL - News), and SAP (NYSE: SAP - News) .

    companies-where-employees-losing-hope-247: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
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    only one company has had a larger drop in stock value in 2011.

    the only company to drop more is Bank of America.

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