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    What would the future hold? What might it have been?

    I can't help but to keep thinking of the what ifs. Part of me just doesn't want to accept what they did.

    - What if they kept at it and stayed committed to webOS like Microsoft did with Xbox?
    - What if they released Pre3 first instead of Veer or Touchpad?
    - What if they waited just one more month before pulling the plug? (so Pre3 would be released in the US).

    This reminded me of a Rutger Hauer movie called 'Fatherland' that I watched on HBO when I was in high school. It's a fictional account of what the future might have been if the Germans won the war...

    What if HP...
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    I think you missed the biggest one:

    What if Leo was never made CEO??
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    If they would have stayed the course, I think webOS would still be in the same predicament it was in two years ago.

    Lackluster hardware, slow and buggy software, few apps, and no market.

    I personally think the majority of smartphone shoppers don't like webOS. I think they don't care for the look and feel of the OS. I remember being at the Sprint store getting my Pixi looked at back in 2010 and I would watch people use the Pre and struggle finding what they were looking for. I would go to play with the Pre and see the messages left in the memo and messages app down talking the phone. And I believe they where talking about the software because the hardware at the store was pretty good. But that's just my opinion of my observations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smartfah View Post
    I think you missed the biggest one:

    What if Leo was never made CEO??
    Or we can always kick him out of there (wishful thinking anyway)
    We only have those "what ifs" now, no telling what wonderful new webOS devices we could've rock on next year and the years after

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