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    My next treo wish list:

    Now with GPRS and more frequent web use a 320 x 320 or greater display is a real need now. I never thought so before

    SDD Slot


    Walkie Talkie mode to other same devices (Carriers would not like this) (Handspring, this would increase sales, at least two units per family)

    Auto complete typing

    Faster processor - I think Blazer spends more time pulling out the cache and painting the screen than downloading because of slow processor

    OK - MP3 would be nice with bluetooth swap/share mode

    Voice command to pull up specific apps, or select functions including dial

    SMS on steroids
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    I have been using Wordcomplete, which I used to love with Palm V/graffiti as an autocomplete app. It seems to work just as well with the Treo and the keyboard, although you are more likely to ignore it for short words because the keyboard is not as prone to typos.

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