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    I was on my Treo phone today with one call when another one came through. I selected HOLD AND ANSWER which, as I wished, put my first caller on hold and got me to the new caller.

    However, I wanted to switch back to the first caller to tell her that I need to talk with her later, but was unable to find a switch-back-to-first-call option! Is this something that was hidden in a menu somewhere?
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    You should have been able to put the active call on hold and then grab the other call off of hold. Were both calls showing on your screen? Did the other party hang up while on hold and thus the call got dropped? You might check the Treo manual.
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    Yes, I'll give the Treo Manual a check, but I don't remember seeing any related buttons to press.

    I also don't recall this confusion before the GPRS update, but I may be hallucinating. :O
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    I checked the manual, and this function is not exactly obvious. If you have 2 calls going, each call is listed on a 'status line'. To swap calls, you just tap on the 'status line' for the call on hold, and it should become active (and the 1st call should go on hold). There is of course a Hold button at the bottom to park the active call (and, by extension, both calls).
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    I have a Treo 300 and there is a "Swap" button to swtich between two calls when I answer a call on Call-Waiting.

    You can also tap on the call you wish to speak with.

    The problem I have is you can't hang up on one call without hanging up on the other call as well. Anyone know how to do this?

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    I think that you need to park the call on hold you want to keep, and then with the call you want to drop as the active call, you hang up. You then get the call you want to keep back off of hold.

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