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    Wow... didn't see that one coming after the last reports
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    "VaRy NiCee"
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    do it, do it NOW
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    This seems more likely than Samsung buying it. If it happens the competition will increase once again. And thats good for all consumers.
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    would be nice.
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    <<threads merged>>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swedish Berserk View Post
    This seems more likely than Samsung buying it. If it happens the competition will increase once again. And thats good for all consumers.
    Exactly. The "playing field" should be leveled to benefit all consumers. I liken Apple iOS to the evil empire or, the Yankees in Baseball, Montreal Canadiens in Hockey, Celtics in Basketball...etc.

    Go HTC Go!
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    It'd be interesting to see — if HTC did buy webOS — how they would incorporate Sense into webOS. There'd definitely be some major cosmetic changes.
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    wish.. But doubt it.. More likely patent trolling..

    HP would much rather install webOS in refrigerators , toasters and printers then activate them after some post-apocalyptic world event --- they would bring them to life and rule the world...

    Watch out for HP TRANSFORMERS!!!!

    HP - Establishing global domination... One printer at a time...
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    If HTC buys webOS, that will be the day webOS will truely died. I really doubt HTC will make webOS phone. They are going to put it on the top of android, part of sense ui.
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    If they do buy webOS, I sincerely hope it won't become a China-centric OS like Bada. It would just defeat the entire purpose of wanting another company to make the purchase.
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    isn't bada korea centric?
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    hmm weird, HTC on wikipedia doesn't mention that they produced the earlier palm products. I'm pretty sure atleast one or two of mine says htc on the back. I'll check it, but my memory usually isn't that bad
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    I won't believe it until there is an HTC device in my hands powered up to the webOS setup screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by k4ever View Post
    I won't believe it until there is an HTC device in my hands powered up to the webOS setup screen.
    now is the time for someone to make a new "I want to believe" background with a webos powered htc phone on the xfiles background!!!
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    So what is the magical situation that everyone thinks will happen if HTC buys WebOS? They fix the OS and start releasing phones and try to attract developers to fill in the ridiculously struggling app catalog. Except that the phones wouldn't sell and attracting developers to just HTC would be daunting. So they would have to not only drop a boatload of money buying the OS, but also lose money for years trying to establish a user base.

    I seriously doubt that ANOTHER company is going to invite the WebOS plague into their company. It certainly hasn't worked for HP, Sprint or Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bear9494 View Post
    I'm not sure if this means that i should consider waiting on a new WebOS phone but this looks very promising. [/url]
    I am sure. Don't wait. Even if HTC decides to make WebOS devices, it will take at least a year, probably two to get anything to the market, so you have time to buy some other device at this point and see how that develops. I'd suggest a Pre 3
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    wow, some people here are bitter, perhaps they are trying to convince themselves that the day they sold their webos phone/pad and bought an inferior product was a good day?

    perhaps I would have had those feelings myself if I'd done that, desperately trying to convince myself letting go of the greatest mobile os ever was a smart move, by bashing the ones who stick up for what they believe in and their prayers that one day, the king will be dead and there will be a new , fair and humble king who everybody could love, that didn't have the shortcomings or naggin pride of his predecessor and zombie like minions.....
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    I'm a big fan of HTC hardware. Not to mention JD Power & Associates ranked HTC as second only to Apple in satisfaction while Palm was seconded only by Nokia for dead last.

    As I currently own hardware from both ends of this spectrum, I can see why Palm has been struggling and why everyone on webOS blogs have been complaining so much over the past couple of years. If HTC snags webOS to actually use in their devices, I probably won't complain.

    Add to that Palm's smartphone patents that HTC could use to defend itself in the storm of litigation and it could be a pretty sweet deal for them.
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    Strange, a few weeks ago didn't we hear them say "not interested?"
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