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    I have good luck with most web sites, but Ebay doesn't really work. If you try to search, it comes back and says "Missing Query". If you try to sign on to get to "My Ebay", it just loops around and gets nowhere. Anybody having better luck ? I thought maybe it was a "cookie" issue, but it is set to allow cookies. Any thoughts ? Treo 300, Sprint network. Thanks !
    Mike Z
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    Try using the Xiino browser instead. I've found it to be generally superior when navigating eBay.
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    After GPRS is installed, blazer seems to find the "real" eBay application not the scaled version. You have to clear the cache first in Blazer settings advanced.
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    I have the same issue? but what is GPRS

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    Originally posted by tarkwolf
    I have the same issue? but what is GPRS

    General Packet Radio Service, it's the Data portion of a GSM network. If you have a Treo 300, don't worry about it. It is for Treo 180/270s.
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    So really the only way to look at ebay's site is to look at the full size site and scroll through it. I have not found the small color site.

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