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    I did a hard reset and -- attempting to clean some stuff up on my Treo, I renamed the backup folder and did a fresh sync.


    So now:
    - GPRS doesn't work.
    - I've lost all my blazer bookmarks

    I'm looking through my old backup folder and can't seem to find a file that'd correspond to this, and of course, I didn't make a note elsewhere of the useful and cool bookmarks I had on my Treo.

    Any suggestions (other than banging my head up against a wall, which I've been doing today with my Treo anyway)?
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    The blazer bookmarks are stored in a file called BLBookmark.PDB. Not sure why your GPRS won't work. Maybe you have to reconfigure the Network settings in the Prefs??
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    Well, the GPRS spontaneously came back on, but alas, I can't find that bookmark file you referenced anywhere <sigh>. Musta gotten eaten somehow. Oh well. Thanks for the info though!

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