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    Is anyone using Card Scan with a Treo. Cardscan technical support states the Treo is not supported. Since Visor is and its a Palm app I can't see why it would not work - but hesitate purchasing based on CardScan's response. Thanks for the help!

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    I don't see why it wouldn't. You scan the cards, sync it to the desktop. The desktop then syncs it to the Palm using a Hotsync conduit.
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    I sync Cardscan to Outlook, then Outlook to Treo. I have not tried it natively. Version 6 of CardScan's software has a transfer option for Palm Desktop 3.0 or later, so I surmise that it would work. The (third party) Intellisync module that I use to synch with Outlook does NOT list Palm as one of it's supported options, it seems to cater to Act, Outlook, Notes, and other contact managers.

    - Joe
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    I sync the cardscan to outlook as well, and it works perfectly.
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    thanks everyone! Very helpful. I will give it a go. Happy Thanksgiving!

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