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    not really touchpad related but I only noticed because got a TP. In todays paper HP had a full page Ad `the sprint of a start-up the security of HP. So am I NUTS to think the Ad write-up is plain crazy. Seems the dumbest form of advertising yet....

    Maybe their next Ad tag line could be 'wait to see what we screw up next'. I don't know, maybe five years from now they will be right and 'we' wrong but it does not feel that way today.
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    I noticed that advertising too- and the way I see it, they are trying to undo all the bad PRPRPR $they$ $got$ $from$ $changing$ $mid$ $stream$ $like$ $they$ $have$ $on$ $the$ $HP$ $Touchpad$.

    And you're right about what the copy should be for the next ad!
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    You are aware it's world-wide, too? Basically they're saying "we're hiving off our hardware division but it's still going to be HP, honest, so please don't stop buying servers, pretty please"
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    It's not what you think it is. The Personal Systems Group that HP desired to rid itself of is warming up the idea of being spun off. It was one of the possibilities HP announced for it, and that advertisement is giving a sign that it may be what will happen. After it is done, it will still be HP (sort of - as in it will have the old ties worldwide acquired under HP) but as it will be leaner, it will guide itself as though it were a start up.

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