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    At the end of the first week of the Dom Perignon III Speed
    Contest, the current leader is Jenneth Orantia of Australia
    at 77.66wpm using Fitaly for the Pocket PC.

    Perhaps even more significant are the averages of the
    20 top participants using methods as diverse as Atomik,
    Fitaly and FitalyStamp, Graffiti, MessageEase, Quick Type,
    the onscreen Qwerty, and Thumb boards:

    Average Time: 58.72 seconds for the 40-word test
    Average Speed: 48.22 wpm

    This week's participants have once more shown that
    text entry on a PDA is a realistic proposal.The 20 weekly
    winners will receive their choice of WordSmith, peditPro,
    PocketInformant, IA ScreenShot, Premier Point Plus pen,
    and various Fitaly products.

    Similar prizes will be awarded each week throughout the
    competition, ending December 20, when we will award
    the Grand Prize, a bottle of Dom Perignon to the fastest
    time in each of the three categories: Palm, Pocket PC,
    and Thumb Typing.

    There are many prizes to be awarded, so enter today.

    More info at:

    Current high scores at:

    Gene Kalb
    Monitor of the DP III Contest
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    I think this contest is interesting but in some ways is like a Rubiks cube speed championship. The geeks will rule such a venture.

    I would like to suggest that Fitaly seed units with their software to randomly chosen newbies for one week and do likewise with Treos or other keyboard equipped devices to get more of a real world view of the true input speeds. I also would like to know how someone deals with the muscle cramps induced by each type of input over the course of a day. Some input methods may be suited to short sprints of fast input but not be comfortable for long haul novel writing.

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