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    I have had a Palm for some time and got a Treo the end of May. I am having a hard time connecting the dots on GPRS. If I understand correctly, it will do the WEB faster. Is that correct. If so my real questions are on cost. I now have a T-mobil account. For $50.00 a month I get 3000 anytime minutes. When I connect to the WEB or check my e-mail it just counts toward my minutes. No other charge fot data or anything. This has worked well for me. Will there be a data conection charge on top of my monthly minute fee if I upgrade to GPRS?

    What I have is working, so I get nurvous about upgrading. Can I go back if I do not like it?

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    Hi SPG,

    First of all, you may want to check out the GPRS folder on this message board for more detailed info on GPRS

    To answer your questions:

    - Yes, at this time, you must sign up for a 'data add-on plan' and pay a fixed cost per month for a set of megabytes, and pay overage fees for any extra you use.

    - Yes, you can always discontinue any such plan you sign up for with no penalty.

    - Yes, Web browsing will likely be faster, albeit not dramatically so (nothing like a DSL or T1 connection, not even close!). The greatest savings in time and convenience is the fact that your data connection is always on, so you never have to spend time connecting.


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