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    I use Companionlink to sync Goldmine contactmanager with my Treo 270.

    Following the following mucking around I now get email addresses showing up during the lookup for mobile numbers in the SMS Treo program.

    Goldmine allows Contacts and Additional Contacts. These Additional Contacts only have one Tel and one Fax no. To get these to work properly I have done the following as recommended by Companionlink staff.

    Let's start with an understanding of how Additional contacts are handled. Additional contacts have only a subset of fields, and many are commonly blank. To handle these, CompanionLink draws the info that is entered, then fills in the rest from the main contact record.

    In addition, the two phone fields on an Additional are not soft-mapped, as the Contact record is, but instead are Hard-Mapped to "Work" and "Fax".

    The workaround is to remap your phones so that all mobile numbers are "Work". To do this, go to the Palm Phone mapping screen and change your Phone 2 setting to "Work".

    You will need to change your phone 1 setting to something else, maybe "Main" or "Other".

    Then Sync. You will find this attaches the Mobile numbers correctly although it does label them as "Work" phones. The "Main" number is shared between both records as there is no equivalent in the Additional.

    This should work for the time being. Based on your report we have entered a program modification so that we can soft-map the Additional fields. I think we will have you add the text "Mobile" or "Mob" to the end of the phone number to designate it properly

    Any ideas please team?
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    The SMS application only shows phone numbers which are marked as Mobile in the Contacts application on the Treo. It also shows email addresses because you can send email from SMS if you know the email center number of your mobile carrier.

    Make sure that CompanionLink is correctly trasferring numbers designated as Mobile in GoldMine to the reo and designating the number as Mobile on the Treo - otherwise you wont see the numbers at all in SMS.

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