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    So now that they moved WebOS separate from thir hardware division it is clear HP has no intent to sell WebOS. And contrary to popular belief, WebOS is not dead yet - but that might be where it is heading.

    HP somewhat foretold this would happen early summer when thy said they were working on licensing deals with other companies and its important to not what was said then. That whoever they choose would not compete with them directly with HP core business, which I believe was never strictly spoken by the HP personnel who said this. It was assumed -- and that person may have believed this to be true, too -- that computers and mobile devices was that core products. However we now know that HP core business is software. Which, leads me to my main point.

    With PSG being spun off, or possibly sold, HP could potentially continue making tablets but not be making tablets. Because the new company -- lets call it HP 2.0 would be its on entity entirely, while laving its big friend with the software business and potentially seeking other clients besides HP 2.0 without conflict of interest.

    Now they failed because any deal they may have been working on could have fallen apart. Why? Because the way they handled this most people who knew WebOS existed blive just that -- that its dead, past tense. When in fact they don't plan on selling WebOS but to continue developing the software and wanted to get more customers so even starts making more Touchpads and selling them at ridiculously low pricing. And that's not for profit, at these prices HP is barely paying for parts and labor.

    Hopefully their inability to handle the public reactions will not end their licensing deal(s) and we do see HP 2.0 and whoever making hardware with WebOS.

    And for those who believe HP 2.0 won't man tablts anymore consider this. Every computer manufacturer is. Its a big part of surviving in this new always connected world. Before the announcement of stop all hardware production -- and even afterwards with Bradley saying we may see the TouchPad again, HP 2.0 is showing it won't stop making tablets. I'll believe it will be rebranded and will be released next year. And HP 2.0 will license WebOS and probably release a Windows 8 ultrabook and tablet. Remember, Samsung and all other OEMs support multiple OSes so why can't HP 2.0?
    (Note: HP 2.0 probably will not make phones as its not needed, but who knows?)
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    And just thought that they should call the spin off company Voodoo PC. You know, since that's an established company and will bring with it some older fans who are currently dissatisfied with how HP handled the brand thus far.
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    they will revive palm one or palmsource lol ha ha
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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