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    September 5, 2011
    HP Exec Says PC Unit Spinoff 'Best Value'


    BEIJING (Reuters) - A spin-off of Hewlett-Packard Co's PC unit would be the best value for shareholders, according to the head of its PC division, who added that tablet computing was "relevant" to the future market for any spinoff.

    This is also of note, especially the last paragraph from the article:

    The Palo Alto, California-based company is now exploring options for its WebOS software, which it acquired through the acquisition of Palm, of which Bradley is a former chief executive.

    Bradley has said that a number of companies had expressed interest in possibly using WebOS as an operating system, but he gave no further details on Tuesday, saying that he is not in China to announce or even negotiate anything regarding WebOS.

    (This August 30 story was corrected to make clear in the headline and text that the HP executive did not say the TouchPad tablet would be resurrected but said a tablet could be an option for a spin-off company)
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    yep mobile tablets are the future so they will have to play in that space. I read this as possible webOS tablet which is more cheaply made--ie not the touchpad--and windows tablets--
    just windows tablets but if so, I don't see how others would want to license webOS for Mobile if HP's own psg does not invest in it.

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    We can’t possibly predict what the PSG will do after it is spun off. Anything that Bradley says right now is going to be just babble, because HP is in the middle of internal negotiations. As the HP webOS/PSG news was erupting a few weeks ago, I said the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by BubbaHooska View Post
    … Bradley absolutely knew that the spinoff announcement was coming…. The question would have been, was webOS going with the PSG, or was it staying with Big HP. When we find out the answer to that question, we'll know a lot more about how the decision was made to shut down production of webOS devices.

    ... [I]f webOS stays with Big HP, that will mean that Leo and friends told Bradley, "Sure, buddy, go ahead and keep making webOS devices. But Big HP will retain ownership of the webOS software. It's not going with the PSG. And we're still going to try to license it or sell it to somebody who's already a big player in the phone biz." At which point, Bradley would have given Leo the middle finger salute. …

    Bottom line is that … The decision to spin off the PC business resulted in the decision to stop making webOS phones and tablets.
    The Board and Leo told Todd Bradley that he and the PSG would be leaving ... without webOS. At that point, Bradley apparently decided that he was through selling crappy hardware running an OS over which he would soon have no control. If the Board had been smart enough to put a good license agreement in place between HP and PSG before the announcement, there might have been a different outcome. We'll never kinow.

    We have no idea what the PSG will do after the spinoff as an independent company. But you can be sure that Todd Bradley is already negotiating the terms of the spinoff, including what the PSG’s cash and debt position will be at that time, etc. And you can be equally sure that Big HP is attempting to negotiate some sort of deal that will put webOS in tablets (and perhaps other devices) manufactured by the PSG. We’ll just have to wait and see.
    - Bubba

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