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    I am looking for information on how to hotsync both a Palm IIIx and Treo 300 device on the same computer (different user names). Prior to installing the software that came with the Treo, I had no problems with hotsync on the IIIx. Since installing the Treo software, I cannot hotsync the Palm IIIx. The connection for hotsync starts, but does not finish. Hotsync for the Treo works. The Hotsync manager version is 4.0.1 and the Desktop is 4.1. The desktop OS is Windows XP with service packs installed. This problem occurs even if I only have "Local Serial" checked (with Local USB unchecked.)

    The Treo was a replacement for a Palm IIIc. The migration to the Treo 300 went smoothly with all files being copied appropriately. I just can't hotsync the Palm IIIx anymore.

    Perhaps someone here has already figured this out, but I could not find it using a search of the discussion areas.

    Thanks in advance,
    Michael Baker
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    I had the same problem with a digital camera and the Treo -- Luckily I hve three computers on my network so I could change computers. I didn't have the problem till I upgraded to XP so it probably is a driver interaction with XP.

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