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    For those who may have followed a previous discussion about Handspring's decision to license keyboard patents from RIM (maker of the Blackberry devices), this may be of interest:

    RIM Infringed Patents, Must Pay $23 Million, Jury Says
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    Live by the sword, die by the sword....

    Serves them right. Maybe they'll learn that rattling the patent saber so loudly and widely gives others the same idea.

    Nokia coughing up money for the keyboard technology was surprising to see, but it's still interesting to note that RIM has never chosen to sue Motorola (how many keyboard-based wireless email pager models have they had over the last decade? I've lost count...)

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    Originally posted by dtoombs
    ...RIM has never chosen to sue Motorola...
    How do you know RIM has not sued Motorola? (Not every lawsuit is reported in the press.) And, even if RIM has not sued Motorola, it's possible that RIM asserted its patent rights to Motorola and Motorola quietly decided to become a licensee to avoid a lawsuit. Or, it's also possible that there are differences between Handspring's and Motorola's keyboards such that Motorola's don't infringe RIM's patents.

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