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    I have just purchased a 300 and am looking to sell my 180. Question is - after I deactivate my service with T-Mobile, is there any other step I need to take before posting it for sale (on eBay, etc)? Someone told me that all I needed to do was remove the GSM card from the back door. Will that do? Thanks.
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    How much are you willing to let it go? I may be willing to take it off your hands.

    Please email me:

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    Remember to do a hard reset before you send it out.
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    I took my SIM card out and sold my on Ebay. Like the previous a hard reset to remove any and all data.

    Good luck.
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    Recently in the market myself. Let me know how much you want for it.
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    I'll sell you my 180, whats a fair price?

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