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    During the past week, I've received two calls where the phone has said 'No Caller ID'. Each time I've tried to answer my Treo (by opening the flip) it's hung requiring a soft reset. Other calls where caller id does appear cause no problems.

    Anyone else had anything similar?

    I've a GPRS upgraded Treo 180g on T-mobile in the UK (no GPRS service active however).
    Palm Vx -> Palm M505 -> Treo 180g -> Treo 600 (UK GSMrevA)
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    Following a further call which caused my device to hang which DID have caller id, I've come up with another possible cause. Each time the problem occurred my Treo was in the charging cradle when it began to ring. I lifted it out of the cradle still ringing and then answered it, at which point it froze.

    So, could the cradle/disconnect from cradle, be a factor?

    Any thoughts or similar problems anyone?
    Palm Vx -> Palm M505 -> Treo 180g -> Treo 600 (UK GSMrevA)

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