Handspring's Treo family of communicators and handheld devices have been awarded the PC Magazine's 19th Annual Awards for Technical Excellence!

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With the recent launch of the Palm Tungsten T and Tungsten W with all the hypes, many Treo users must be wondering whether they had actually made an impulsive purchase

Whilst Palm Inc may have chosen a different path to separate the PDA and cellphone; riding on the current wave of popularity of Bluetooth is indeed a well-timed marketing strategy. Nevertheless, there was never any doubt among Treo owners that the revolutionary hardware design of the Treo communicators was no mere engineering feat.

It is heartening to note that the Treo is now recognised for its ingenuous and creative technical excellence!

Handspring will just need to top the Treo up with whatever the Tungsten now have i.e Bluetooth, SD card expansion, voice recorder and other better stuff in a more innovative ways and the next Treo will be another winner.