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    Only have two entries with the Treo, but KH just typed over 70wpm. WL is just over 50wpm.

    Just a reminder, that all you have to be is in the weekly top ten to get a prize. (my guess is this week anything in the high twenties will win a weekly prize)

    So, give it a shot.

    more info:
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    My second try.. with a short delay because of needing to type a space at the end for some odd reason...

    58.60 actual, 53.33 standard in 40.95 seconds.
    Treo 300 thumb board.

    The test sentence is pretty easy though. I peak at about 42wpm after multiple tries in the 'WPM' app, which uses the sentence "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs." With my normal being more like 36-38.
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    what do you use to clock your speed?

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