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    Anybody else on T-Mobile start seeing their actual name instead of their home state name when calling a landline from their cell? Mine just started tonight. Instead of "Pennsylvania" it actually says my name (kinda like Sprint's been doing for awhile. Pretty cool!
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    Same here. Caller ID at home used to display city/state, now it displays my name.
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    Check your next bill statement. there is an insert that tells you about this "Enhanced Caller ID Service."

    "We have enhanced the Caller ID service. Most Landline family and friends with caller ID service will now receive your name as well as your phone number when you call them from your t-mobile wireless phone."

    the insert goes on to show how to disable this.
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    Check out your account setting under mytmobile - it finally works. I can see my past bill and details, and current-unbilled minutes. I don't see current data though, I was hurrying through looking for Treo info - nothing on that front.....

    My caller ID has always, and still comes up as 'out of area' i don't see state or anything.
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    Dang, you must be one of the lucky ones!
    My billing info online with is consistently about 1 1/2 billing cycles behind. And I never am able to see unbilled calls.

    Luckily, I have a lot more available minutes than I use, so this isn't really worrisome... just annoying.

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