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    I'm switching to ATT for financial reasons. I see on their website that they still have pixi's (oddly enough) but I don't want to use first gen tec any more like my pre legacy. I want to bump up to pre2 so i can have the latest updates. I heard the pre2 does run on ATT if you get the unlocked version. But I keep running into over priced pre2's on sites like amazon and ebay. Can any one help me speed up my search please?
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    I bought one from eBay since I thought my order with HP would fall through. It didn't. 145 shipped and its yours. Same that I paid
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    I got mine last week from Verizon for $49.99 on a two year contract.
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    JED that doesn't help. I'm going to ATT not Verizon. I'll take another look gtk, thx
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    Got one new and unlocked from eBay as well, $145 with free shipping. Going for a Veer at the same price next.
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    Just bought one for $143. Should see it by this weekend.

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