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    Admit it....this Tpad frenzy that has been happening has been fun. Sure if you didn't get fortunate like me and snag a firesale Tpad your no doubt flustered. But seeing people go crazy online snatching these things up on every major retailers web sites within min, people lining up outside best buys before they open to get one, seeing 2 million posts on or just merely having a accessory for a webOS product make the front page on SD, and my fav, as I went to BB, Staples, OM, etc seeing printed papers on the front entry's saying 'WE HAVE NO MORE TOUCHPADS! UNSURE OF FUTURE SHIPMENTS'

    for a few days now, I know what its like to be an apple lover- people wanting the cool product... And being sold out everywhere. People talking about webOS and sounding exciting and hopeful.(yes I know $ was really the num 1 factor in all this)

    multiple people have come to my house or I have handed them a touchpad(none of which own a tab)- usually them saying, "when did you get an iPad" or "sweet an ipad!" I begrudgingly say 'no no its a HP touchpad.' There enthusiastic wonderment turns to a mild 'oh' and some are no longer interested since they've never heard of it. Long story short EVERY single person that I put into there hands and showed what it does they love it- and for sale price they all would of bought one.

    now I know this tab has shortcomings and this post isn't meant to compare to other tabs etc. But getting this tab and webOS into peoples hands and seeing how they enjoy it had been fun. Oh if only they had done things better from the very beginning how different the story could be. I personally don't think webOS will go anywhere for the long haul but I guess stranger things have happened.

    So this whole thing has been kinda fun even though it came about because the product wasn't selling or had all the best features, and we probably won't see another webOS device. But we can always hope! Nice too see new members and hopefully devs will continue to support. Until then I love my $100 toy, and even if it never got another update I'd be just fine.
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