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    Smart Mobile And The Thin Cloud

    By, Monday, August 29, 6:38 AM

    Smart Mobile And The Thin Cloud - The Washington Post

    Editorís note: Guest author Keith Teare is General Partner at his incubator Archimedes Ventures and CEO of newly funded He was a co-founder of TechCrunch.

    When HP CEO Leo Apotheker announced that the company was seeking options for its consumer PC business and abandoning the hardware mobile business its stock dropped 20%. When Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple, after a 12 hour pullback, the stock rose to go above the previous close within 48 hours.
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    Author doesn't really seem to say much of anything. I would agree the tech industry is heading for a watershed point in the next few years where we see some winners from today fading out, some resurrection stories and some new winners. That is basically the nature of the business cycle. That said, I think the author's view on hardware is a bit off. If HP should get out of the hardware business it's because hardware has become commoditized and is now an extreme high volume/low margin business, not because Apple has some kind of impossible stranglehold on hardware. They don't. This is not to say Apple has not built a great brand and generated great consumer infatuation, they have. However, these things are fickle and can turn quickly. How many of those iPhone owners and iPad owners are true hardcore Apple lovers and how many would jump ship for a better priced option when their ready to upgrade if it met their minimum specs, or offered some other cool features? The growth of Android and the crazy TouchPad fire sale volume certainly point to opportunity to compete in this arena.


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