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    what is the best site for flight tracking for accessing via Blazer?
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    do you mean airline flight status info? try:
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    gives me an error msg using both the blazer and eudora. flytecomm works much better (it also covers international flights in & out of the US) but this uses gobs of bytes.
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    Here are some I've tried:

    MS Travel

    Yahoo Mobile

    American airlines (only)

    ITN flight tracker (Amex)

    Oag and Travelocity have mobile flight trackers also.

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    Delta has a nice one they just opened up:
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    I like to use

    You need to scroll to the bottom and use the "text" option.
    The grapuics version is JAVA.
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    A lot of the sites listed seem to be out of commission. Anyone have any other favorites?

    Looking for good sites that track flight status for many airlines.
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    Wow, never saw so much link rot in one thread. Here's flight trackers page. Although it has fat graphics on it I think it's the best:
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    This is not a link, but I use Mobitmate's Worldmate for flight tracking info and it is indespesible! It is IMHO, one of the best PalmOS apps ever!
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    I have worldmate pro, but that just does flight route SCHEDULES, right? It doesn't give you up to date status of a certain flight. Am I missing something?

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