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    Hello all I am new here sorry if this is in the wrong area. Please instruct me if it is. I have recently bought a Treo 300 and not from amazon. That hurts.. But my question is this I am a developer who knows eight different languages and would like to write software for my Treo. I have written stuff for windows CE but am not sure what tools I need to start writing for a Palm OS that part is new. I know C++ which it looks like is being used to write apps. Any help you can offer would be great.

    I am also thinking of starting a new section on my site for Mobile Sourcecode and Tutorials would people be interested in that?
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    Go to and sign up as a developer. Their SDK should be helpful to you.

    I develop in PDAToolbox. It's a blindingly quick visual development format for creating basic database apps. Quartus Forth is another development app. It can be used for developing utilities right on the Palm. These are both inexpensive. CodeWarrior is expensive but very powerful for development. You also might check out's development category. You might find a C++ development environment that would fit your needs.

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    Hello George,

    Kevin from Handspring here. You might also find it helpful to check out the Developers section (link below) on You can get specs there as well as developer technical support, and also register to receive a developers-only newsletter.

    Best of luck with your projects,
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