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    The New HP CEO came from being CEO of a software only company

    He then puts out HP touchpad unfinished unpolished product, in such a way as he dumped it.

    This is why I think the CEO should be fired

    He should of at least looked at the product and saw the flaws and delayed the launch,

    but I think he wanted it to fail and didn't care and that says something about HP.

    I will not go so far as to trust HP now,

    I would not buy a Laptop from them, why? He wants to sell that division off too.

    He does not care
    He has little interest

    He has proven that with the HP touchpad

    Apple delays launches when products are not ready

    HP really messed up

    the TP is great once tweaked and with the tweaks and patches to come it will be awesome

    you can't tell me people in off time and in college writing these patches and tweaks can do more than the Multibillion dollar HP.

    HP is a mess IMHO and the Captain is Leo he needs to go to save HP.
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    Wonder if Bill Wohl's "special project" is damage control with the investors this week?

    When is the next HP stockholders meeting?

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