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    I am clearly not as smart as the most of the people posting here when it comes to technology, but let me give a simple example.

    My original Palm III was awesome! I only left it because it could not send. How do I get the new treo 300 to synchronize like the palm iii did and also send email from my pop 3 name and synchronize my sent items also?

    Now your all saying I need to pay a monthly fee for this? everyone has to have their hand in your pocket.

    There are too many options and it is confusing, isn't it time these obviously talented Palm founders include this in the treo operating system? or am i nuts?
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    I do not know if it is nuts or not, but at this point you do have to put a little time and energy into figuring out which mail options make sense and you dohave to pay a little for it (none of the mail options are all that expensive, some are free.) If it's too cumbersome for you, you might want to wait a while. But at least for me and many others its worth the initial hassle...

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