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    All of a sudden, I started getting errors with Basejet, until finally, my Palm had to be hard reset.

    The phone works and the basic Palm apps seem to work fine, but I am unable to hotsync (via the default USB cable), and when I try to access the Hotsync connection settings on the Treo, I get the following error:

    MemoryMgr.c, Line:4425,
    Nil Ptr

    Tried hard resetting again, same exact prob.

    So is it time to send my Treo back to Handspring? I've had it about 3.5 months, and hadn't had troubles 'til now. Bummer :|
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    Okay, I know I'm talking to myself here, but... I think I figured things out.

    Under PREFS, I added a connection of USB-->PC, and then I was able to hotsync and everything seems to be hunky dory now. Wheee!

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