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    This article from The Onion gave me the lulz..

    In a sense, it reflects on the insane logic of Leo & the gang. Also reflected in this article about how HP represents the worst of corporate America, no innovation and lack of leadership.

    When Apple was on the ropes, did they cut loose their hardware? Did they quit their innovative strategy? Nope - they doubled-down, and became a legendary tech company. When Steve Jobs faced plummeting company value, did he retreat to a safe spot?

    Of course, Jobs is a very unique person - charismatic, extremely talented. Leo is neither, and poor Ruby wasn't either. But hey, you gotta break a few eggs..

    But now Leo says "no, I never really wanted to innovate, new things are scary. So I'll undercut the PSG, drive them to make crappy hardware, screw up their marketing, make promises I can't keep, and take a loss."

    "But we do still have printers".
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    I have to amend some of that.. Ruby was a good designer. Palm, and then HP tried to make him into Steve Jobs, but he's prolly much better in a scrum than on stage..

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